Saturday, September 6, 2014

“Saved By The Blood and Not By Religion”

By Bishop O.W. Prince

Some folks put entirely too much trust in themselves and their church.

Some folks’ hope of salvation is in their regular church attendance.  Some folks’ hope of salvation rests upon their church membership. Some folks’ hope of eternal life after death depends heavily upon their tithes and offering. Some folks’ hope of salvation is in their being baptized by burial into water in the name of Christ Jesus.   Some folks’ hope for eternal life rests in their speaking in tongues.  Some folks believe that strict observance of the Ten Commandments will guarantee their entrance into the Kingdom of God.  And albeit, these things may have their proper place as responses to God’s Forgiving Love in Christ Jesus, I trust only in the Blood of Christ and His saving work upon the cross.


I am saved by the Blood of Christ through Faith (Trusting Obedience) in God.

In whom or what do you trust?

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