Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Fear Of Losing Christmas

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


If it had been a black man, they would have crucified him and his wife.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In America, the Laws protecting human life were never intended to protect Black lives. Blacks aren’t considered human being by the “Klandestine” ruling class in America and Blacks Lives were never afforded equal protection under the law, especially where White against Black is concerned.
Domestic racial terrorism is always present and threatening in the lives of Blacks, especially Black men. Black men are the most hated and feared human being on the planet. In America, we are profiled, hunted and massacred by none Blacks with virtual impunity.  
Not considering the countless African American souls who were tortured, raped, mutilated, lynched, dismembered, castrated, burned alive, dehumanized and murdered during slavery and The Black Holocaust, millions of Black American Citizens are still being terrorized and murdered by none Blacks in our so-called modern and enlightened American society. 
Horrific and disgusting incidents of racial hatred and terrorism toward Blacks have been openly displayed in America without the perpetrators suffering any real significant penalties or consequences. And America society and judicial system tolerates this and excuses it under its own prejudicial Laws because Black Lives have not mattered in the past and do not matter today.
The murder of unarmed and none violent Black citizens by none Black American citizens and none Black Law Enforcement Officers have increased within the last 9 years and have run rampant and has gone relatively unpunished and unaddressed by the mostly White American Majority and White Judicial System.
It appears that in response to there having been a BLACK MAN ( Barack Obama) elected as President of the United States of America, the “Klandestine” racial terrorists in America and their sleeper cells have been activated and are purposely harassing and confronting Blacks and inciting, instigating and provoking interaction with none violent and/or juvenile Blacks.  They feel that by virtue of their caucasian birth that they are justified in shooting unarmed Blacks and Killing us without any morally justifiable reason other than their own subjective prejudices, fears and cowardice.

In our modern culture, no other race in America has been so ill-treated, targetted, profiled, harassed, provoked and gunned down by police as are BLACKS.  The Asians, the Hispanics, the Cubans, the Italians nor the Native Americans have experienced the real horrors of “Driving while Black.”    
America’s racial terrorists are well entrenched in every aspect of American government and judiciary -  not excluding the highest executive office in the Nation. I fear that their racist propaganda is so inextricably woven into the very fabric of the American Judicial system, thought and culture that it is virtually impossible to eradicate and correct without dismantling the whole democratic system and starting over.  
The negative stereotypical perception of Blacks by the majority of none Blacks has not changed for over 100 years. For the most part, Blacks are considered guilty by virtue of our race and culture without ever having committed any offense or without ever haveing been charged with a crime. By White America’s own admission, they are afraid of and threatened by the very presence of a Black Man whether he is a child, a juvenile or a 50-year-old senior citizen.  And because of their unfounded fears, they fabricated a Law that gives them the right to take the life of any Black person.   American “Klandestine” terrorism has been legalized in a clandestine law called “Stand Your Ground.”
Don’t Get It Twisted! 
Making America Great Again Probably Means Making America Overtly Racist Again.  
When they speak of “our children” they are not speaking of all American children but of White children.
When they speak of “Making America Great Again” they are not speaking out of a concern for the rights, welfare and prosperity of All Americans but for the rights, welfare and superiority of Whites over all other races.
When they speak of the good guys versus the bad guys, they are really speaking of Whites against Blacks.
These coded and encrypted “klandestine” rhetoric and communications are not new to us old soldiers but are well disguised and camouflaged lies that we must educate the contemporary generation about.
We as a Black Race of People and we as American citizens cannot afford to continue to look to a flawed and compromised judicial system for fairness, justice, equality and protection when our very posterity is being murdered and our wellbeing is threatened daily.
We cannot afford to continue to put our trust in democracy and the Christian religion when they remain relatively silent at our slaughter and dehumanization and supportive of those whose aim it is to subjugate us or eradicate us from the earth.
We cannot continue to defend a government that protects domestic racial terrorists and minimizes terrorism against Blacks while hypocritically fighting terrorism in other nations and countries.
We need to wake-up from the token success stories and the empty and seductive distractions of the clandestine slave industries of professional sports, entertainment, Christian religions and celebrity.
While we are dancing, twerking, grinning, cussing and denigrating our women, misleading our children and criminalizing our young men and perpetuating the negative stereotype of Blacks created by slavery and centuries of racist propaganda, the White supremacists are assassinating us and killing our young.  They are minimizing our victimization and suffering by grouping and associating our unique historical and racial holocaust with the relatively new amoral social cause of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. They are mitigating their culpability and twisting facts into fiction.  
We have allowed ourselves to be distracted and brainwashed. We have lost our way and have failed to see and fight against the system and the “Klandestine” elements that target us for imprisonment and destruction every day.
Many Blacks have fallen by the hands of “Klandestine” racial terrorists.  And their BLOOD cries out for justice.  But our own apathy dishonors their untimely deaths and sanctions the hatred that took their lives in the first place.
I surely don’t want to be guilty of the BLOOD of my children or the BLOOD of my brothers and sisters.  I can’t sit idly by and say nothing and do nothing and have our deaths marginalized until they mean nothing. 
Tamir Rice deserves better than that.  Trayvon Martin deserves better than that.  Michael Brown deserves better than that. Dontre Hamilton deserves better than that. Eric Garner deserves better than that. Ezell Ford deserves better than that. Dante Parker deserves better than that. Tanisha Anderson deserves better than that.  Akai Gurley deserves better than that.  Phillip White deserves better than that.  Walter Scott deserves better than that.  Freddie Gray deserves better than that.  Sandra Bland deserves better than that.   Jordan Davis deserves better than that. And many more undocumented and unnamed murdered Blacks deserve better than our silence, apathy and forgetfulness. 
If Whites and their children were subject to the kind of murderous hatred and racial terrorism that Blacks and our children are exposed to and threatened by on a daily basis, domestic racial terrorism would have been eradicated a long time ago.
If there were ever incidents whereby Black citizens and Black Law Enforcement Officers habitually shot and killed unarmed White men and women or white unarmed children, the outrage and actions by the White citizens of America would be constant and continuous until such murderous factions and racist practices were exposed and eliminated with extreme prejudice (aggressive execution).
If Black citizens were to shot and kill White citizens because they felt threatened by them and then justified their use of deadly force under the “Stand Your Ground” law, that law would be repealed the very next day.
As I indicated earlier, the Law was never intended to protect us from them but to subjugate us to them and minimize our humanity and worth as a living soul.
But the answer to our suffering is not in democracy, politics, Christianity, better government policies or better laws or even better people.  All these things have failed us miserably and our dependency upon them has cost us immeasurably. We need to REPENT and RETURN to the GOD of our Fathers. We need to diligently seek the GOD of our salvation. We need to trust in and depend upon the ALMIGHTY AND SOVEREIGN GOD.  We Need YHVH!  And We Need HIM NOW!!!
YHVH is the only One Who can help us and save us from this wicked generation and demonic world system.  And only through complete surrender, trust, obedience and submissiveness to GOD through Faith in HIS SON The MESSIAH can we be rescued from our tormentors, torturers and assassins.
The reason that so many generations continue to be lost to the distractions of this world and the deceptions of Satan is that we have abandoned The ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD – YHVH.
ALL of us, regardless of racial distinctions or political persuasions, must REPENT and diligently seek the righteousness of GOD.
We must take responsibility and confess our inhumanity toward our BROTHERS and SISTERS and confess our sins against Almighty GOD.  For we cannot Love GOD whom we have never seen and hate our brothers nd sisters whom we see daily.  For whatever we do unto the least of GOD’S children we also do it unto HIM.  This knowledge alone, coupled with this Nation’s history of slavery, racial terrorism, racial hatred and Christian sanctioned discrimination, should make this Nation tremble in fear and declare a time of Repentance, Prayer and Fasting, in the hope that YHVH would hold back His wrath from such an immoral and perverted people.  
But America doesn’t REPENT. To the contrary.  America arrogantly excels in her perversions and abominations and encourages others to mimic her ways.
I fear that I have said too much.  I have noticed that those who speak out against the tyrannical and the perverted don’t live long nor well in this world.
But for the sake of GOD’S righteousness and the innocent BLOOD of our brothers and sisters who were slain, I must speak out and speak up.  We cannot afford to be silent anymore.  Silence is way too expensive.  
We cannot afford to forget the heinous crimes perpetrated against us and the ongoing sufferings of our people and the lives that were taken from us. Their lives were too precious to forget and their deaths must not be in vain. 
Therefore, We REPENT!
We will always remember.  We will never forget and we will return to our TRUE GOD and FATHER - YHVH.
This world and her nations must give an account to YHVH for all of its evil ways.  Judgment day is fast approaching and the harvest of what was sown is near. GOD is not mocked.  Whatever a man sows that he shall also reap.

I PRAY That THE LORD may have mercy on us all.