Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Don’t fall for the old switcheroo that the government sanctioned media is trying to feed to the public.

The recent media blitz about child abuse and domestic violence involving celebrities isn’t anything new in our society.  And I find it ominously strange that these old topics, although important, are suddenly made to be front & center against Mr. Michael Brown’s murder and the growing international awareness of America’s unjust and murderous treatment of its African American population- particularly its black males.

Why is it so important to make us aware of “domestic violence” and “child abuse issues” when we are still reeling from the numerous shooting deaths of young male African American teenagers by white Law Enforcement officers? 

I would venture to guess it is to further dismiss the value of a black male’s life and cover-up the shame, wickedness and hypocrisy of a government that preaches human rights to other nations while permitting inhuman and egregious racist actions within its own borders. 

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