Tuesday, September 29, 2015


In the history of my folks, it has always been relationship before money.

The man and woman had to have a relationship with God.  They had to have a relationship with their community and fellow worshipers of God and then they had to develop a relationship with each other’s families before marriage.  Money was a necessary part of the equation but it was not the deciding factor or a deal breaker as no one had much money.  Blacks were habitually paid far less than whites for the same job for far more work at longer hours and under harsh working conditions. 

The black men and women – mothers and fathers - in our households understood the daily risks and dangers that each other faced in the work force and they genuinely appreciated the effort that each other made to just put food on the table and keep warm in the winter months. Almost everyone worked for slave wages and what they didn’t raise in a garden or keep in a chicken coop or hog pen; they had to credit at unfair prices. 

The black woman in particular knew the frustrations of her black man trying to be a man to his family and meet his own high expectations of manhood in a world that called him a boy and paid him less that a man’s wages.  She knew that her encouraging voice, homemaking skills and entrepreneurship was the reason that he could take the abuses and the shame thrust upon him daily by those who hated his skin.   She verbally and visibly encouraged him – often calling him Mister.  And she respected him and required her children to respect him regardless of how little they had or how well they were getting along.   And when he was spoken down to and put down by white men and women, it was the Black woman who would often lift his spirits with a clean and well kept home, creative meals and passionate affection.

The relationship was a coalition of a man and woman – a mother and a father – whose aim and goal it was to survive this world’s hatred of them, teach godly character and principles to their children and to raise a generation that might be more successful than they were. 

They had no idea of raising a generation that would imitate the perversions and superficial materialistic values of their oppressors.

This generation of black men and women today have it all wrong and have insulted the sacrifices made by our foreparents for our survival.

They have become the enemies of their own people and the destroyer of their own children.  Thus, they are the murderers of themselves.

Because they have abandoned their heritage and turned their backs on the character and moral strength of their ancestor, they are now under the rule of capitalism and materialism – glamour, glitter and gold; sex, pleasure and position are now the measuring stick by which they judge themselves and measure each other.

There aren’t any real love connections anymore that are based upon a real relationship.  As in prostitution, it is commonly said and repeated that it is all about the money.  No money.  No honey.  Marriage today for many is a self-deceptive clandestine business of finance, sexual gratification, personal preferences, future security and manipulation of wills and morals.  Two people choose to be partners in life as long as their physical and sexual needs and expectations are met and satisfied.  After that, it is divorce. There doesn’t appear to be any consideration for each others spiritual and psychological needs or the need to really matter to the object of your LOVE.   

It is money before relationship in this generation.

We are doomed if we don’t repent and return to the morals and character values of our ancestors that enabled them to survive the most wicked of treatments and the most vile of abuses.

I call for a return to Black family values and moral. 

I call for a cessation of prideful single parenting.

I call for a cessation of prideful fornication and homosexuality in our homes and communities.

I call for a cessation of gang violence and murder.

I call for a cessation of being disrespectful of our elders and of our females and of each other.

I call for a cessation of sagging pants and clothes that exemplify harlotry, whoredom and disrespect toward God and man.

I call for a cessation of willful ignorance, blind distastefulness and moral disregard.

If we don’t Repent, we would have surrendered to the will and plan of our oppressors and succumb to the brainwashing of our enemies and the backstabbing rhetoric of the Judas’s in our midst.

If we don’t Repent, We will never reclaim our rightful heritage as KINGS and Queens.  We will only be tokens and remnants and continue the bow to the false gods of our oppressors – money, prestige, glamour, glitter, gold and position.

Again I say, REPENT!!!

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Friday, September 4, 2015


Isn't it interesting that "All lives didn't matter"  until we who were being terrorized and murdered in ever increasing numbers by white Law Enforcement officers started to draw attention to our plight by crying out that "BLACK LIVES MATTER?"

I don't want any life to end unnecessarily, cruelly or without justice ... If all lives matter, all lives should want black lives to matter. ... No one shouted All Lives Matter until people tried to let the world know that Black Lives Matter.

This is too obvious.

Maybe that tactic worked in the past but this a new day and no one is going to minimize the slaughter of Blacks by diluting the truth with a copycat ploy.

In the United States, it is clear that unarmed and non-aggressive Blacks are being executed and murdered at twice the rate of others at the hands of police with relative impunity.

Blacks are the only race of people on earth ridiculed for trying to bring an awareness to our obviously heinous, vicious and hateful slaughter and treatment at the hands of those who are sworn to serve and protect.

Our cries for justice and humanitarian treatment will not be silenced by the ignorant rhetoric of those who support racial slaughter and terrorism in American.

We are awakening and rising up to meet the challenge of the old status quo.

I strongly Suggest That You Choose Righteousness and Fight For the Children Of Oppression. (Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 82:3, Proverbs 31:9, Isaiah 56:1, )

Be encouraged my friends, brothers and sister of this most hated and despised race. The LORD will fight for us and His judgment is final, irrefutable and True.  Amen. (Deuteronomy 3:22)

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