Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Presidential Debate

During the presidential debate, a lie has been put forth as a truth which stated that gas prices rose from under $2 per gallon to above 4 dollars per gallon under the Obama Administration.

This is actually a flat out lie.

Gas prices originally rose to beyond $4.00 per gallon (four Dollars) under President Bush’s administration. Check your facts and your history. When Bush took office the average gas price in America was $1:46 per gallon. By President Bush’s second term in office gas prices were nearing $5.00 per gallon in some places in America.


Let there be no mistake. There is a significant segment of Americans who are still in shock over the election of an African American as President of the United States.  From the beginning of his administration, they have voiced that their number one objective is to remove President Obama from office.  This has been and still is their main focus irrespective of all other national and social concerns and even at the expense of the truth.  

This clandestine community of covert terrorists only considers themselves Americans and when they speak of American citizens they are not speaking about people of African origin or Hispanics or Asians or any race outside of the Caucasian persuasion.

When they say “Our Children” they are not speaking about all children in America but only about those of specific Caucasoid persuasion.

Learn the racist code of communication and deception or be destined to repeat the horrors of former discriminatory policies and selective clandestine oppression.

They don’t wear hoods anymore nor do they call themselves the KKK.  Some are now governors of States, Multimillionaire CEOs of industries and they go by many different names such as the Tea Party, Sons of the Confederacy and the Council of Conservative Citizens. 

They are not concerned about what is best for all Americans.  That are only concerned about what is best for their America.  God forbid that we ever return to their America.

Pray for the peace of America.  Pray for the righteousness of God to prevail. 

Last but not least, consider this…

“… The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.” ~ Daniel 4:25

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