Friday, October 26, 2012

“Jim Crow Ain't Dead”

“Jim Crow Ain't Dead”

The Truth Has A Way of Coming Out Sooner or Later. 

I think most informed folks know the Truth.  There is over 200 years of evidence to substantiate the fears of the disenfranchised.  We are justifiably fearful and distrusting of the clandestine motives of those who are opposed to contributing their fair share to alleviate poverty and the deficit while blaming us for our own disenfranchisement and impoverished condition.

They have made their motives very clear.  Check the record.  They stated at the onset that their number one objective was to get President Obama out of office - not to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or pass a new national health care plan or raise minimum wages or create good paying jobs for middle class families or punish those responsible for 911. 

No!  Their objective is clear and precise.  And we have over 200 years of horrific social injustice, judicial disparity and unresolved racially motivated deaths and acts of terrorism to show that they are serious. And to insure that their plans work, they have enacted a series of obviously racially motivated voting polices to prohibit what they believe to have been an anomaly - the election of a Black Man to the Presidency of the United States of America. 

It is unspoken but has long been believed by a significant number of Americans that the office of the President of the United States of America was reserved for white males only.

I am only saying what everyone knows is true but don’t have the guts to say.

We cannot be unified as a nation until we are first unified as human beings with inalienable human rights, social, financial and educational equality and a mutual respect for each other. 

I have always said that before we can move forward, we need to address the ills of the past, expose the evils of racism and bigotry to the light of truth, make restitution and apologies, restore what was taken or destroyed i.e. Repent!  Without genuine repentance there can never be genuine unity.

History shows that America has sought to make reparations to every nation and people that it ever bombed or invaded.  It has rebuilt cities and nations but it has failed to make adequate reparations to those of its own soil, whose, forefathers, were denied humanity, justice, equality and dignity along with being denied the right to provide, protect, guide direct, nurture, care, educate and shelter their families. These crimes against nature and humanity have generational ramifications and consequences that are just now being realized in our society. 

They preach about taking responsibility and being accountable but when the spotlight is on them, they want to forget the past and cloud the issues with menial concerns instead of looking at the true cause of the problem and taking responsibility of the criminal and inhuman treatment of some of its citizens.

I could say more about this but what is the use?  I suspect that one of their pawns will eventually twist this into something inappropriate and ugly.  And that is their right.  Why should they change now?  Many have never been able to face or hear the truth about themselves and/or some of their foreparents or how some of their wealth was built upon the backs and lives of slaves or what they counted as three fifth of a human being.  I know that this assessment doesn't apply to everyone.  However, since the elements of racism have doubled their efforts to maintain its strangle hold on American culture and political power, it is only fitting that we quadruple our efforts at awareness. 

Every since President Obama was elected to the Office of Presidency, more degrading racial epithets have been used advertised, publicized, posted, broadcasted and promoted by racial terrorists since the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s.

History has a way of repeating itself and we are seeing it repeat right now.  Jim Crow isn't dead it just changed its name to “Voter I.D.   The Grand Wizard isn’t dead.  He just exchanged his robe for a tailored suit.


You can still tell a tree by the fruit it bears.

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