Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Martin Luther King's Last Speech: "I Have Been To The Mountaintop"

44 years ago today on April 4, 1968, a cowardly assassin committed the heinous murder of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"May we never forget the hate that this country has for its African American Citizens and may we never forget the legacy of love for our enemy that marks our race as a peculiar people." (Bishop O.W. Prince)

Remember the past and those who were murdered for human decency and civil rights. Remember the vision that lives on in the heart of every true Christian citizen.  Remember that the fight continues as our African American males are being incarcerated with disparity and murdered with virtual impunity under the guise of social policy, state law and politics.  Remember that the system of prejudice and racism that exists in America has long deep roots that reach into every facet of American life and have impeded the progress of a people for generations -- psychologically and financially devastating a race of people for generations without reformations or apology.

Remember the past or be doomed to succumb to the devices and conspiracies of the enemy.


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