Tuesday, April 17, 2012

God’s New breed of Cyber-pastors

This article has been edited for posting by Bishop O.W. Prince and is borrowed from the original writings of Evangelist Paul B. Thomas.

Here are some Characteristics of God’s New breed of Cyber-pastors.


·         Cyber-pastors speak in another tongue and see in another dimension and cross boundaries of all sorts.

·         Status as a pastor does not qualify one to pastor online, your call must be from God and your investment must be unselfishly given into others lives.

·         The call to pastor online is transgenerational and cross cultural, you can be a nobody offline and pastor online, if you’ve heard from God and can work with passion and integrity with all peoples from all tribes and tongues.

·         The New Cyber-pastors are multi faceted in their message, balanced in doctrine, yet boldly declares the Doctrine of Christ and His Apostles.  This gives them authenticity in a world of globality.

·          The New online Pastors are not those who have celebrity,  fame or marketability but those who have the Holy Spirit of God directing their message and impacting the lives of believers everywhere.

·         Offline you had to have someone’s approval to pastor and hold their certificate in your hand.   But today’s Cyber-pastors have torn down the walls of denominational divisions and opened the gates to Biblical Apostolic Truth –not caring about self glorification but about genuine soul salvation.

·         The genuine apostolic online pastors attach themselves to the single cause of Christ, whereas the old pastors expect you to fit into their denominational causes and beliefs.

·         Cyber-pastors build people who become the Church of Jesus Christ.  Offline pastors traditionally build buildings to house people in a church.

This is only an attempt to give definition and distinction to the phenomenon of the Cyber-pastor. 

There is no substitute for the true, hands-on local pastor who genuinely pastors the flock and preaches the genuine message of Christ and His Apostles as it was first delivered to the saints.

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