Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alton Sterling Brutally Murdered by Baton Rouge Police

Another unarmed Black Man Shot To Death for No Justifiable Reason. Deescalation and Peaceful resolution was never considered by the police. They just attacked and killed an unarmed Black man for simply acting like a "free man" protesting his ungodly and illegal treatment and detainment.
The moral stance and refusal of Muhammad Ali to be inducted into the army and forced to fight in Vietnam is well honored and documented today. He indicated that he "ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong. His enemies are right here in America. And America will not fight for his rights here in America. He is highly honored today for standing up and speaking out for his religious and moral rights.
But Where is our moral stance as we are facing racial terrorism, murder by police and genocide on an ever increasing scale here in America while being asked to sacrifice our children to fight a war in a foreign country for questionable reasons against folks who are not our enemy as much as other Americans are our sworn adversaries and murderers?
Where is our sense of self-preservation? Where are our balls as men of our race. And where is our backbone as warriors for righteousness and justice?
We must first be free to exercise our freedom here at home without fear of being met with deadly force during a traffic stop or having our children murdered by police while innocently playing in the park or having our unarmed Sons, Fathers, Brothers, Uncles and Grandfathers slaughtered in the streets by police before we can in good moral conscious justify being sent overseas to kill someone who has never lynched, raped, burned alive, castrated, dragged behind a truck or shot and killed our unarmed kindred.
We have the power to affect positive change in laws and policies as well as to influence and exact significant moral and judicial punishment for the use of deadly force by police against any unarmed Black Person or Child if only we would stand together as one as we once did in the beginning before the FBI sabotaged and weakened the civil rights movement.
Think People! Think!
Stand People. Stand!
Acts People! Act!
It is way pass Enough. And the time has long been pass for diplomacy.
Dogs and other animals are protected under the law. Homosexuals are protected under the law with stiff penalties and long jail sentences. But Blacks are virtually slaughtered with impunity and immunity from prosecution. The system and her components are working together to mitigate the killing of unarmed Blacks. Many none Blacks have even dared to voice justification for the use of deadly force against unarmed Blacks for simply acting like a free citizen in a free country with rights of being presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
With the resources of our monies, training, specialized skills, education and experience as well as the irreplaceable, invaluable and surmountable resources of our youth and young adults that are being deceived, manipulated and misused as athletes, entertainers, clowns and pacifiers as well as those being used as disposable pawns for the wealth and welfare of others, we could turn this nation and our society around to be Accountable to its Promise to its citizens of the freedom of life, liberty and the unfettered pursuit of happiness.
Otherwise, slavery still exists. It has just moved from the plantations and cotton fields to the poor communities and neighborhoods, minds and morals of Blacks. 
Wake Up People.
We are being hunted, targeted and murdered with extreme prejudice and hateful intent.
Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't been paying attention or is apart of the problem,
~O.W. Prince

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