Monday, February 8, 2016

No Life Is Worth It

During the aftermath of the crash of the over 565 feet crane in Lower Manhattan on Friday morning, February 5, 2016 that killed a man, the mayor said that "no building was worth a person’s life."

This sparked something in me that I think needs to be stated plainly and clearly, especially where Black lives are concerned.

A traffic stop for a minor traffic violation is not worth the life of an unarmed  none violent individual.  But it did in the case of Sandra Bland.

Selling fifty cent cigarettes on a street corner in an attempt to make a living is not worth the life of an unarmed none violent individual.   But it did in the case of Eric Garner.

An unarmed man surrendering to police officers with his hands up in the air should not result in that man being shot to death.  But it did in the case of Michael Brown.

A 12 year old kid playing in the park with his toy gun holstered in his pant belt should not cost him his life.  But it did in the case of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

An unarmed none violent kid walking home from the store and refusing to acknowledge and yield to a stranger should not result in the death of that child.  But it did in the case of Trayvon Martin.

And there are countless incidents of none violent unarmed Black people who were shot, choked and beaten to death by none black  Law Enforcement officers.  Their crime was being born Back and for that they were considered worthy of death by their white executioners and by our silence.

Until the presidential debates addresses this issue of "racial terrorism," they are not speaking to Black folks or those who are most at risk of being dehumanized and slaughtered with impunity by cowardly racist who hide behind a Law Enforcement badge and a loaded gun.

Wake-up People!

Stay Focused On The Issues That Matter To Us And our Children.  No other race in America has suffered as much at the hands of racist, clandestine and cowardly Law Enforcement officers as Black people have.

Don’t get distracted by the hype of the media and rhetoric of partisan  and foreign politics.  Stay the course for justice, accountability, fairness, retribution and restitution.

There is not any justification for the lives that were untimely slain by the hands of the cowardly few.

And there is no reason to think that anything is going to change because no deterrent has been enforced to make racial terrorism implausible and costly for its practitioners.

We must remember that if they will kill us without any justifiable cause while there is a Black man as President of the United States, we are certainly at risk once he leaves office.

I am just trying to Keep It REAL!

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