Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Religion And Marijuana

I wonder why people grimace and respond with disgust and disapproval at the very idea of using cannabis (Marijuana) as medicine or therapy for illnesses and sufferings.  
The hypocrisy is too much for me to bear and be quiet about.  What do they think that their artificially and chemically concocted pain killers like hydrocodone, percocet, morphine and hydromorphone and demerol are made of? Sugarcane and corn syrup?  No!  They are made of mind-altering, body damaging, addictive narcotics-opioids. 
My LORD!  If God made a natural plant that grows free or man's interference and can cure illnesses and is a natural remedy to sooth discomforts and relieve pain and has no lasting negative side effects on the body or the mind and isn't physically or chemically addictive, why not use it to better your health and improve your quality of life? 
I am tired of allowing the hypocritical propaganda and policies of government, the judicial system and religion dictate what is healthy and not healthy for someone who is suffering and or dying.  Folks should be allowed to pursue their health and seek a cure for their diseases in a safe, reasonable way without being harassed or stigmatized or threatened by Law Enforcement. Folks should be allowed to seek relief and a cure for their sickness, pain and diseases anyway possible and available to them as long as it doesn't injure anyone else or places anyone else in harms way. 
Don't get it twisted!  The negative attitudes about marijuana has nothing to do with holiness, righteousness or being saved. You just will not find any evidence in Holy Scripture of God or Christ damning someone for trying to treat their sufferings with a naturally growing plant or medicinal herbs or any other substance or plant. 
The government and pharmaceutical companies hid the secrets of the medical benefits of cannabis for their own personal, medical, financial enrichment and private uses and application while brainwashing the public into accepting their labeling of Marijuana as an illicit drug and painting a negative image and perception of the plant through media and misinformation. Their clandestine propaganda doesn't make marijuana evil and the government holy.  To the contrary.  It makes them the perpetrators and the cause of much unnecessary suffering and pain.  The government's propaganda campaign against marijuana doesn't make it evil and it doesn't make its user a bad person no more than taking percocet for severe back pain makes anyone an addict or a bad person.  
The law can make anyone a criminal.  We can see the results of the law being engineered and applied to certain segments of our society in order to criminalize and demonize them and ultimately incarcerate and dehumanize them and diminish their potential while handing out lesser penalties and sometimes turning a blind-eye to other groups of individuals who use artificially created, chemically enhanced and more damaging illicit drugs and prescription drugs.
I don't have the time or the energy to quote the facts to you about the number of Black Men who are incarcerated for marijuana sales and use while their white counterparts usually got probation, parole, rehabilitation and rich.
I would hope that in this age of information sharing that we would educate ourselves a little more about something that seems to be doing so much good for so many people despite the misinformation, fabricated arguments and lies that the government and religions have spread about it.

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