Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am Grateful for My Mother

Greetings in the most precious name of the Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Blessed Holy Spirit:

I Thank Father God in The Name of Jesus Christ for the things that He has done and continues to do.  All Praise Glory and Honor belongs to Him.  Thank you Father for allowing me the privilege of seeing my mother’s 80th birthday and helping her to celebrate it in a way that she deserves and will always remember.

 I would like to thank The Honorable Mayor Joseph T. McElveen, Jr. and the City of Sumter for their most kind and generous support of my mother’s 80th birthday celebration, acknowledging her with a Resolution that proclaimed July 26, 2012 as “Lucile Winn. Prince Day,” -- also awarding her with the Key to the City and a city pin. I would also like to thank City Councilman Robert Galiano for stopping by to wish Mother Prince Happy Birthday and thanking her for the many years of service in our schools.  I would also like to thank Ms. Linda Hammett, City Clerk, who so graciously and thoroughly assisted me.

Special thanks also go to Minister Cynthia Johnson and Minister Yvonne Nelson for the beautiful decorations, balloons and table ornaments that helped to set and create the atmosphere of celebration.  Special thanks go to Mrs. Gloria Carolina who took it upon herself to supply the lovely party favors and mementos.

Enormous thanks go to Mrs. Teigue and the staff of the Sumter/Lee Adult Education Center who attended in large numbers and recognized mom with a Proclamation of their own along with heartfelt sentiments and a very special gift.

Loving thanks and heartfelt gratitude go to our church family – Bishop Jeffery Johnson and Faith Deliverance Temple -- who didn’t think it robbery to come in large numbers and share in the celebration at Red Lobster and present Mother Prince with a surprisingly delicious arrangement and generous tokens of cards and letters of love.

Thanks go to my sister, Deirdre and nephew Tony for their melodious presentation.

A former 2nd  and 3rd grade student of mom’s, Mrs. Calandra Brunson Witherspoon, visited from Columbia and spoke of her admiration and love of Mother Prince.

A mutual graduate of Morris College and a friend of over 50 plus years, Mrs. Lou Emma Crayton (Homebound), sent a very moving letter of admiration and love to Mother Prince highlighting her Christian character and loving personality that perseveres through the hardships of life and lights the path of everyone around her. 

I am eternally grateful for The Item Newspaper sending Mr. Rob Cotttingham to photograph the celebration and interview mom.  I am equally grateful for WLTX TV-News 19 for sending Mr. Erick Ferris to video the event and interview mom for their station’s broadcast.

I am eternally grateful for all the contributions of all those who volunteered and helped to make this occasion so very successful and eternally memorable.  I am especially grateful for Rev. Dr. Lewis Walker Jr. of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Mr. Ernest Session of Allstate Insurance Company and Mr. L. Harvin Bullock, Sumter County Coroner for assisting me in sponsoring this occasion. 

Last but certainly not least, I thank my daughter Melody for helping me with her grandmother and for keeping the secretes that made this occasion a surprise and a success.

To God be the Glory for the things that he has done.  Thank you all!  Amen!

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