Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Stop Tolerating the Clowns and Seek for the Crown”

Something is disturbing me.

I’ve discerned that a significant number of pastors are plagiarizing other pastor’s materials. They don’t have an original revelation or thought from the Lord so they borrow and steal the revelations of others without giving credit to the original prophet. Some have used their seminary professor’s opinions, Bible annotations and Bible footnotes exclusively to form their sermons. Instead of these things being tools for information, they’ve become resources for revelation. This is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. But it can become a bad thing. If that is all a pastor is depending upon, he then is only regurgitating the predigested rhetoric of another without any real personal substance, insights or revelation of his own. He does not hear from God. He is always borrowing from other men more gifted than himself; reciting old news, rearranging old thoughts and offering leftovers platitudes and Sound Bits to his congregation.

This is what a lot of folks are stuck with for a pastor—a motivational speaker posing as a preacher, pretending to have heard from the Lord when in actuality all they’ve heard is another man’s sermon.

They are fakers and imitators; gifted entertainer and impersonators. They wouldn’t know what an original thought or divine revelation looked like. They are “wannabes.” They want to be more than they are and something that they are not. Pastoring is an occupation to them and not a divine calling. Their faith is in the gifts of others or in their own education and not in God’s divine revelation. They are cowards also. Unless somebody else has said it first and unless their congregation approves of it, they will never preach a condemning message or a message that challenges long-held, yet incorrect beliefs. They are clowns on a stage–performing the scripted play.

Stop putting up with these pulpit playwrights and plagiarists. Seek for a real man of God who genuinely is saved according God’s Divine Plan of Salvation and who genuinely hears from God and deliver God’s Word as the Lord directs. Seek for a man who speaks with the voice of God (Ezekiel 33:7-9).

Stop tolerating the clowns and seek for the Crown.


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